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The ULTIM compiler allows all the applications to immediately benefit from a substantial reduction in the CPU time used, without any change in the JCL or in the coding of the existing applications. 

It allows you to choose between 3 processing modes:
  • Interpretive mode
    • validation of the program and execution of the generated control blocks
  • Compile-and-go mode
    • validation of the program, compilation in memory and immediate execution of the code
  • True compiler mode
    • validation, compilation and production of a module unlimitedly reusable without the original source program

Advantages of the interpretive mode
  • Performs the most elaborate data validity checks
  • Recovers from the maximum number of error conditions
  • Mainly useful during the initial development steps or to process low-volume data
Advantages of the compile-and-go mode
  • Tests have shown a reduction of about 60 to 85% of the execution time in the "extraction" phase of the programs
  • Optimization of the computer resources

Advantages of the true compiler mode
  • Suppression of the time required for validating the programs
  • All the advantages of the compile-and-go mode
  • The possibility to "freeze" an application by producing an object program, hence avoiding any possibility of accidental modifications to the program
  • The object-module application becomes independent of any future change of ULTIM release
  • Possibility to write subprograms in ULTIM language and have them called by other programs written in COBOL, ULTIM, etc.

Availability of the compiler:

PC Version:  included without charge with the basic system

Z/os Version:  offered in two versions at additional cost:
  • The performance option allows the compile-and-go mode but not the true compiler mode
  • The full compiler allows the compile-and-go mode as well as the production of object modules

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