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Files and Databases Processing

The files and databases handling capability features flexibility and transparency:

  • Instruction set common to all types of files and databases processed; the program is usually independent of the dataset type and the format of the data. 
  • Reading of any number of files and databases sequentially or randomly.
  • Creation or modification of any number of files simultaneously or successively.
  • Possibility of sorting files.
  • Use of files in memory (ULTIM pseudo-files) for faster access.
  • Automatic and manual file opening and closing.
  • Modification of the file identification (dsname, etc.) by the user before opening.
  • Numerous options for controlling file access: opening, reading direction, links between records, etc.

Here are the main
processing instructions

OPEN To manually open a file or a database
CLOSE To manually close a file or a database
GET To read a record or a row
WRITE To write a record
DELETE To suppress a record
INSERT To add a new record
REWRITE To update a record
NEXT To loop back to the preceding GET
SORT To sort a file

For more specific information to a particular database, please refer to DB Interfaces

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