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Control of Processing and Data Handling

ULTIM has all the options and parameters required to develop the most sophisticated programs. Highlighted here are the more typical or more important ones:

  • Automated functions for date-format modification, calculations on dates, concatenation of fields, etc.
  • Statements for converting data from or to the CSV format.
  • Statements for converting data into XML format.
  • Predefined fields to access system information such as current date, time of the day, identification of the last function-key used, etc. 
  • Capability to develop one's own functions.
  • Powerful indexing language for processing multi-level iterative data (arrays, trailers, etc.), featuring automatic search and operations. 
  • Conditional expressions nested up to 99 levels, which may include validity checking, text scanning, etc. 
  • Efficient character-translation tables to perform operations such as translating lowercase to uppercase letters.
  • Capability of calling external programs and to be called as a subprogram.
  • Definition of symbols to represent complex and/or repetitive expressions.
  • Capability to address fields through pointers.

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