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Our courses can help you take advantage of all the possibilities of the ULTIM software and make your employees more productive. The courses offered are:
  • Standard course 
  • Customized course
Before making a decision, we suggest you to contact us; we will be glad to help you select the courses that will best match your needs.

Standard Course (3 days)

The standard course is three days, covering the full ULTIM language (see the course description).

In order to make sure that your training needs are satisfied, we suggest that you register on our "wait list"; you will then be personally informed when new dates are added for your neighbourhood.

Customized courses, tailored to your needs!

These courses, usually given in your office, are of variable length; they can even be spread over several weeks so that people with less experience can practice between the courses. Moreover, the courses can easily be adapted to the needs of more or less homogeneous groups of about 4 to 15 persons. The courses are structured so that attendees can join or leave the course at different times, depending on their needs and their knowledge.

These courses are build from the standard course, but we can remove subjects, modify the order and the rhythm of others and even add subjects that are usually not discussed in the standard course, such as:
  • Compatibility between different releases
  • Equivalences between the older and the newer techniques
  • Use of obsolete statements or options (REPORT-NO, SORT-FIELDS, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous tips used in the past and now replaced by new simple options
  • Review of the enhancements of the last releases
As you can see, a lot of possibilities are offered to you! Therefore, we suggest you contact us to determine which subjects should be emphasized (particular functionalities, type of files and databases processed, enhancements of the current release, techniques used in the existing programs, etc.) and to build a presentation diagram.

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