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End of support

ULTIM has been around since the 60's, but Codalogik will no more offer support after May 31th, 2022.  The phone number and then the email addresses, shown under "Contact us", will be progressively be abandoned, but if you need to contact us, our postal address could very well be still available.. 

The ULTIM world, as it was

ULTIM is a powerful programming language used to develop a wide variety of applications including all kinds of reports. ULTIM runs on IBM mainframes (under Z/os) as well as on PCs, the latter version being identical to the one running on the mainframes. The system includes a compiler and interfaces for the most current databases (ORACLE, TERADATA, DB2, etc.); it also incorporates the functionalities that were already existing in the EXTRACTO language. 
The ULTIM support is provided by the same professional staff that formerly developed and supported the system for many years with RTA, ULTIM Technologies, etc. Since 2001, this team has been integrated into Codalogik inc. 

Be sure that we work hard to give you the ULTIMate software!

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