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System Automatisms

What is most typical of the ULTIM system is the ease of coding derived from the numerous automatisms implemented to eliminate the repetitive operations:  

  • When referring to a dictionary entity in the program, all the related definitions automatically become available.
  • No coding is required for opening and closing the files and databases.
  • The field descriptions may include their print format, hence preventing a great number of repetitions.
  • The sorting and the formatting of the reports are greatly automated: it is possible to quickly create a report by simply naming the fields in the desired order; the pagination, the headings and the spacing being managed by the system.
  • The field definitions may provide automatic calls to functions modifying the format of the data to be processed by the programs.
  • No coding is required for validating the data entered on the keyboard.
Of course, there are also options and parameters that allow you to modify the default settings of the system.

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